How a Dentist Won My Trust with Just 9 Words (It Will Work on Your Customers, Too!)

Earning your customers’ trust is an important undertaking for any company. But for business owners in certain industries, it can really feel like an uphill battle. Car dealerships. Financial service providers. And, yes, dentists.

No one feels at ease with a noisy drill in their mouth, pausing to spit mid-conversation, or biting down on uncomfortable plastic for x-ray after x-ray.

So when I visited a new dentist for the first time last week, and a sign made me feel more relaxed within the first 10 minutes, I noticed. And I began to think about why. 

Here’s the sign:

The entire sign is a fantastic example of good copy, but the first sentence alone–just nine words—grabbed my attention and earned my trust.

“You’ll be glad to know we use Digital X-rays.”

In this post, I’m going to tell you why those nine words worked… and share a few tips for using the same techniques to earn trust on your website!

#1: It told a succinct but powerful story.

Those nine words tell a story. The longer version would say something like this:

You’re probably feeling nervous right now. Most people are when they sit down in the dentist’s chair! But you can relax. In fact, you can even be glad you’re here because you’ve chosen a dentist who cares about you. Other dentists may have submitted you to old-school film x-rays, but we chose digital instead. That’s because you can always trust us to make choices that keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. 

All of that was implied in just those nine words. And the story worked. I relaxed and trusted that this dentist would always do what was in my best interest.

If you want your audience to trust you, start with a story: a story about how customers will be glad they chose you because you’re going to make their task or day or career or life much, much easier.

Then, sum that story up in as few words as possible—and stick it at the top of your website, sign, or other marketing material where it can catch people’s attention right away.

#2: It was all about me.

When I told one of the staff members I loved the sign, she immediately responded with something like, “Oh, yes, I love digital x-rays. They make my job so much easier.” 

I was immediately struck by how her reason wasn’t nearly as compelling. Because it wasn’t about me! 

It’s human nature to see everything through the lens of our own lives. That staff member saw digital x-rays through the lens of what would improve her life, and I saw digital x-rays through the lens of what would improve my life.

Whoever wrote that sign understood that, and they spoke to what I’d care about as the customer.

Take this same approach on your website. Before you publish a single word, get extremely clear on who your audience is and what they care about—namely, solving the problem your company can help them solve!

An effective website is never about your company. It’s about your customer. It’s about who they are today and how much better their life will be once they choose your product or service.

#3: The message was consistent.

Those nine words told a story and earned my trust. But if that was the only place I’d seen this “story,” I would’ve quickly forgotten it or dismissed it as a marketing ploy.

Fortunately, that’s not what happened. The office told this story again and again.

Of course, the rest of the sign reinforced the story, using clear benefits that assured me the dentist understood what I cared most about and even a fun statistic from an outside authority to boost credibility.

But my entire experience with this office, from the Google Ad I clicked on to find them and the super-easy online scheduling process to my interactions with the staff throughout the appointment, told this story over and over.

The consistent messaging and experience confirmed for me that this dentist was different than other dentists, that I could trust him to prioritize my safety, comfort, and happiness. 

Knowing your brand story is important, but you can’t just tell it once. You need to tell it again and again and again—on your website, in your marketing emails, on your social media profiles, and in your personal interactions with customers.

This is the key to creating a cohesive message and customer experience that prospects can remember and share!

Is Your Website Earning Customers’ Trust?

My dentist earned my trust in just nine words, thanks to this sign. The experience that followed continued to confirm that he cared about my safety, comfort, and happiness.

The copy set the stage. The experience sealed the deal. And after bouncing around from dentist to dentist in adulthood, I think I’ve found my family’s dentist for life.

That’s the power of good copy (and excellent customer service to back it up).

Is your website inspiring that kind of trust? Does it reflect the experience you provide—an experience that will make first-time customers your fans for life?

If you’re not sure, I have a free guide to help you figure that out. Just click here to download “5 Signs Your Website Copy Is Losing Sales.” 

If you’re worried that your website is losing sales, don’t lose hope! 

Get clear on the customer-centered story your brand needs to tell, then start making updates to tell that story on your website. Even small changes can make a big difference! 

And you don’t have to do this alone! Click here to schedule a free consult, and I’ll share personalized insights on your ideal brand story and website copy absolutely free. 

You’ve got this!

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