From Good to Great

Increasing Conversions for AutoAPR

Meet The Client

When AutoAPR contacted me, they didn’t need a full website rewrite. In fact, they already had copy that most people would consider “good enough”! However, they understood something important: With concise website copy, every single word counts.

That’s why AutoAPR hired me to go over their website copy word by word to ensure the messaging was professional, SEO-optimized, and increasing their lead conversions and sales. They also hired me to edit their app copy to further improve the already-strong conversion rate on their lead-generating payment calculator.

Step 1

Consult Call

I started my work with AutoAPR by connecting with the client and reading through all the existing copy. My goal was to familiarize myself with their established brand voice, explore their digital product, and ensure I understood both the B2B and B2C components of their website.

We were very impressed with her ability to quickly pick up our business and our particular industry, and offer valuable insights right out of the gate. No “learning curve” issues at all.
– Dan,

Step 2

Project Prep

AutoAPR didn’t need an all-new website strategy, so I adjusted my process to meet their needs and provided strategic insights throughout the editing process. Rather than simply suggest changes, I made sure to explain the strategy behind why each change would take them closer to their goals.

She is very knowledgeable about marketing, branding, and writing web copy, and she took the time to explain the reasoning behind using certain word and phrase choices.
– Dan,

Step 3

Compelling Copy

After just my first suggested change to the client’s app, the conversion rate was immediately 9% better. I went on to provide detailed feedback on grammar, word choice, and their overall strategy for both the app and website copy.

Kaleigh is an amazing copywriter and we really enjoyed working with her. We hired her to edit our website copy, and she performed way beyond our expectations… She helped us rewrite the copy across our entire website and communicate our business goals better than we could have ever done.
– Dan,

Now, It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to take your copy from good to great and achieve your business goals? Schedule a consult below to tell me more about your brand and what you’d like to accomplish with your online presence.

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